While relaxing at home, got this cute lil’ pic emailed to us from the Wilkes-Barre area. Here is the message that came with it:

Went to watch WBS Penguins practice and saw this big ol’ jagoff truck taking up two spaces cause he thinks he’s all that…

Hmmmm… so this guy, not only has a small #@$@ vehicle, he flashes his incompetence in driving AND parking by standing proudly next to his less-than-adequate parking technique. It appears that his I-don’t-give-a-@#$@-technique is far better than his parking technique.

Hey there hoping that you don’t pee like you park! Because, if ya do, guessing that your toilet and bathroom floor are a nasty shade of gold (not Pittsburgh black-and-gold gold) more like a crusty gold… Take the Bird Box blind fold off before ya park….YaJagoff!

Thanks much to Deb Bohan for being our Honorary Jagoffs Catcher!

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