Rachael is angry and there was NO WAY in #@*!$ that John was going to get in her way of posting this blog!

I will spare the wrong delivery directions part to the story because it could have its own blog post of annoyances and layers of escalated calls that got me nowhere. I will also spare that I missed an opportunity to help a friend at a clay shooting event, that would also have been fun, except I stayed home and talked to multiple apathetic people who essentially read from a script about my furniture woes. 

So, see the pic above? I won’t spare the details.  It is a leftover gem from my brother’s days at a hotel ridding of extra eight-footers.  It is perfectly speckled with paint, and dings, and chips to the top and sides, and is accompanied by three folding chairs, a tacky country decoration chair, and a leftover old dining set chair with one spindle missing.  It is NOT trending or even a little bit appealing. It is my only alternative since the furniture company I dealt with is not able to deliver my beautiful 9-piece set with server until November 2. So, I canceled. 

I did not cancel angrily or abruptly, rather after two days of poor customer service at every level and department, lies upon lies and plain apathy.  I spited myself because now my husband and I are back to searching every furniture place we can find for the right 9-piece table and chairs and server combo we can agree on and like. BTW, the furniture we are discussing had taken 10 months to agree on and purchase.  

So, now I can thank that furniture place for being the root of our hand splinters and sore bums as we eat at our folding dining set combo.  Thanks not Thomasville or the Ethan place, not the newbies Ashley or standard Levin.  Nope, not any of the department stores or outlets.  Process of elimination will give away this disappointing place who will cause another round of marital arguments over the right dining experience.  So, thanks for the rough eating situation and need for counseling to settle on another perfect set, Ya Jagoffs!  

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