Here’s a quick summary of the first round matchups. Choose your favorite in the form below!

#1 vs. #16

#1—Grocery Store Aisle Blockers (Talkers and Buggy Pushers) This was the 2017 Bracket Winner!
#16—Subarus (‘cause they ALL drive slow)

#8 vs. #9

#8—Selfie Stalkers—Obsessed selfie-takers in public places or constantly posting selfies on social media
#9—Buses that don’t pull to the curb—Port Authority buses that don’t pull to the curb to pick up their customers AND also, block traffic while they are stopped!

#5 vs. #12

#5—#PeterParkers—These are Jagoffs who don’t know how to park their cars between the lines! Tons of ‘em on the blog!
#12—Food Samples at Costco – Food samples make people NUTZ as they hover around and block aisles just for a free cracker garnished with chicken salad.

#4 vs. #13

#4—Alcohol (a contender every year)—pretty much a key “Jagoff Maker” on a daily basis.
#13—Pet Wardrobe – Do pets really need sweaters?

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