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Well… how upset, or sad, are you today over that Steelers game?  That @#$%^&*@ Brady and miserable &^#@(*! Belichcik …. DAMN THEM!

So where are YOU on the Jagoff Sad-O-Meter today?  Are you able to function?  Was it worse given that JuJu (who is young enough to be a son or grandson to many of you) gave us hope? Would it have been better if we would OF just lost outright?

(Yeah.. I used OF instead of HAVE! I’m a wildcat like that!)

The cool thing is, JuJu gave us hope last night and he will be back when we play those sunza-B’s in the playoffs.  But, JuJu is giving REAL hope to a great Pittsburgh cause, the Homeless Children’s Education Fund!  See the video below.

Just in case you CHEATED and didn’t watch the video, here’s the deal:

JuJu Smith-Schuster and Total Sports Enterprises are selling #JuJuLaces to raise money for the homeless children in Pittsburgh. So top by Total Sports Enterprises (at the Mall at Robinson) to get yours or order online at www.tseshop.com.  Go.. go get ’em… like now.. like…don’t just sit there and look at your phone or think of the Christmas shopping that needs to be done yet! Go!

And as for Brady and Belichick…. see ya in the playoffs.. Ya Jagoffs!