Ya know that feeling when you feel sick after eating that fourth helping of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and stuffing?  Or, despite your thoughts against it, you peaked through your fingers at a scary photo and then couldn’t sleep?  This is one of those I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself-stories!

My man, ol’ Steve Rago was at the Magistrate’s office for who knows what.  He was set to pay a $100 fine for that who knows what issue. He could OF walked away and had a nice night at home but…..that’s precisely when this turned into one of those  I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself-stories! Full story in Trib here.

He saw a wallet laying on the counter.  Took it.  Went to the restroom with it to take inventory and then came back out to pay his measly $100 fine with money from the stolen wallet! So that night, instead of going home, he spent the evening in the county jail facility.

Haaa… c’mon Ragu-Rago!  That’s kind of a ballsy or, wait for it…. “saucy” move!  Ragu-Rago didn’t happen to think that there might be a camera or two in that magistrate’s office.  Yep! Caught the entire thing on video!

WARNING: Musical earworm coming! “I always feeeeeeel that, somebody’s waaaaaaatching me!”

Well Ragu-Rago, have fun in the  I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself jail cell! Me thinks there are quite a few in their with similar I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself-stories! While in there, think of this…. what if you would have FOUND the wallet then returned it to its rightful owner with a meek and mild boy-scout look on your face? I’ll bet they would have given you a reward and, who knows, it might have even been $100.

Oh well.. shoulda-coulda-woulda, Ya Jagoff!

SIDE NOTE: For the rest of you who have internet access (unlike our jailed-boy Ragu-Rago now) try to figure out who sang the song, “I always feeeeeeel that, somebody’s waaaaaaatching me!” Anyone know it without googling?