Why should you keep your cell phone ringer on vibrate?

  1. Nobody likes your Justin Bieber ringtone.
  2. It feels good when it vibrates in your pocket.
  3. Because the police might find you when it rings out loud!

Number 3 was Florida resident, Jimmy Liptrap’s problem.  He allegedly chose to try and do a money grab from a Westmoreland County Subway and a Dairy Queen.

Jimmy allegedly called the 2 businesses saying a “state trooper” would come by and pick up some cash for the employee’s boss who had been jailed and needed register-cash for bail!

It didn’t work so well.

So he allegedly called one of the stores again from the restroom.

When the REAL cops arrived, they called the number on the store’s caller ID and, guess whose phone rang?

Busted.. Jimmy-doodle… busted!

See full story by Renatta Signornini on TribLive.com

Jimmy, c’mon! Calling from the restroom?  You don’t think that they hear ya talking from there OR the standard restroom echo in your voice? Here’s the crazy, thing, you almost deserve a hero’s award for going into a DQ or Subway restroom and staying in there long enough to make a couple of phone calls! But…..

Albeit late, here’s a little advice! Always keep your phone on vibrate because everyone forgets to put those stupid things on vibrate and then they get embarrassed when it goes off at an inopportune time. Vibrate mode is like passing gas  in a silent-but-deadly sitch,  the alibi is easy… (a line from the Shaggy song) “It wasn’t me!” accompanied by a dumb, crazy look in your eye!

And by the looks of that booking pic, ya already have the dumb, crazy look down pat, YaJagoff!


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