It’s the 2nd Annual March Madness Bracket of Jagoffery!

Bracket title: #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs

First round voting will start Wednesday and continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the winner is announced on April 7th!

Last year’s bracket winner was Squirrel Hill Tunnel Drivers!  Can they top the bracket again?

Vote!  And then tell your friends and family and pets to vote!

Here’s the list of what will be on the brackets!

No!  You don’t get to see the pairings until Wednesday!

#ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs Contestants for 2017

Squirrel Hill Tunnel Drivers (2016 Bracket Winner)

Internet Comments

Shopping Buggy Drivers

People Letting Their Kids Use the Self-Checkout Line  (When You’re Waiting)

Kennywood Line-Cutters

Grocery Store Aisle Blockers (Talkers and Buggy Pushers)

Ohio Drivers




Smart Phone Speaker Setting

Smart Phone Cameras

TV Remotes


Middle Fingers


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