We are in the Pittsburgh Podcast Network Studio crushing a fantastic Irish menu prepared by Lyndsey Kramer, aka, Food by Lyndsey while we prepare for the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Ron Lippock is on by phone talking about his Steelers book, Rachel Carlson, has big news about a new app from Yelp Pittsburgh and then “Big Mac” McCafferty, Pittsburgh St. Patrick’ Day Parade Chairman, and Kevin Conboy, Marketing Guru of the parade with parade traditions, watching tips and Shamrock Shammies!

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YaJagoff! Podcast –  Show Notes:

01:10   Back in the Pittsburgh Podcast studios and you won’t believe the food that Lyndsey Kramer has prepared for everyone! Follow Food by Lyndsey.. HURRY!

Her twist on Irish Pub Food …. Scotch Eggs, Colcannon Soup, Irish Tacos, Guinness Dubliner Mac-n-Cheese, and Smithwick’s Candied Bacon

SPONSOR: Total Sports Enterprises This Friday is the start of the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show and Total Sports Enterprises will have a booth there for all of your man cave needs.  Rumor has it we may even make an appearance at the show that runs march 10-19. 

Jaromir Jagr will be signing for fans at the mall at Robinson lower level near sears and tickets are still available at tseshop.com and by calling 412 747—7703.

09:31   Music from “Craig’s Music List:” Bastard Bearded Irishmen,  “Drinkem, Drankem, Drunkem

09:45   Rachel Carlson, Community Manager for Yelp, Pittsburgh has acquired the Pittsburgh

Engineered No Wait app!  Get in line at your fav restaurant VIRTUALLY!

19:31   Ron Lippock, author of “Steelers Takeaway: Player Memories Through the Decades ” which is full of great quotes and stories of Steelers alum. Follow his blog, Pittsburgh Sports Daily.

31:45   Lyndsey is back with MORE food! Are we drinking? We had Irish tacos made with corned beef! Make sure you look at the pictures!

34:45   The Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade big kahunas Mac McCafferty and Kevin Conboy. Mac is the new Parade Chairman which means he was in charge of managing the chaos at the staging area and throughout the parade. Kevin is the T-shirts, Shamrock Shammies guy and he has been in 54 parades.

41:01   Mac talks about visiting Ireland…. “hot as balls!”

45:14   Traditions of some of the groups in the parade

50:00   What do these guys do AFTER the parade? Can Craig get us invited to the parties?

55:47   Wrap-up with Food by Lyndsey Mac and Cheese (or is it Mc and Cheese?) and candied bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SPONSOR: Total Sports Enterprises. Don’t miss their upcoming public signing

Jaromir Jagr, March 18th


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