Remember your first alcoholic drink? 565 Live bar and restaurant in Bellevue does! We are helping owner, Mark Helbling and his partners celebrate, the one-year anniversary of when they poured the first drink EVER in the history of the previously dry town. John Knight plays quarters. We talk about two MAJOR upcoming Pittsburgh events, History Uncorked and Creatives Drink 7 and we interview PG sports columnist, author, playwright and stand-up comedian, Gene Collier. Everyone tells their first drink stories!

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YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes:

00:58 We are live, on stage, at 565 Live in Bellevue… yes! We finally made it to the basement in our careers! But we had a blast. Mark Helbling explains what happens at 565 and why Bellevue was a dry town for so long


Team Pittsburgh DEK Hockey.. creating a nationally recognized DEK Hockey legacy and Pittsburgh Brewing!

08:20 Craig’s Music List of the Week: The Blues Orhpans, “Across the River

09:48 John Knight tries to get us to play “quarters” but……

15:05 Chancelor Humphrey (Keep Pittsburgh Dope) and Cody Baker explain Creatives Drink 7… it is just that.. creative-minded people looking to change the world and free drinks! Story note… it includes Mad Dog 20/20

23:56 Angie Ford from the Heinz History Center and Sara Ruth, Fame 15 Creative, invite everyone to one of the most popular events in the City each year.. History Uncorked It’s the 19th year!!

29:38 Featured guest… Gene Collier about his life as a sports writer in Pittsburgh, his thoughts on meteorologists, church and “the First Letter of Paul according to the Kardashians!”

35:55 John Knight is back.. with his 25 cents! Notice that this doesn’t say, “with his quarter.”


Team Pittsburgh DEK Hockey.. creating a nationally recognized DEK Hockey legacy and Pittsburgh Brewing

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