It’s  Girl Scout Cookie season, THANK GOD!!!  I pretty much ate whatever cookies that were in the freezer, from last year, during last night’s Steelers loss to the Brady Bunch!

Once I accepted that the game was a blow-out, I decided to stop eating but I had a partial sleeve of frozen Trefoils sitting there looking at me.  And ya KNOW ya can’t EVER leave behind a partial sleeve or row of Girl Scout cookies! So I crushed them into my mouth. Guilt be gone cuz they have no icing!!!!

Now today, I feel guilty.. and it might be time to conjure up a YaJagoff Diet Book. Diet books ALWAYS make MONEY.  Here’s how mine would go:

Forward: By Jack LaLane’s Ghost Writer (Really a ghost)

Chapter 1: Don’t Eat that 5th Slice of Pizza!

Chapter 2:  Why Did You Eat the 5th Pizza? (Subtitle – Why Are You Even Reading This Book If Yer Not Gonna Listen?)

Chapter 3:  No More Snacking After 9 (A.M. that is!)

Chapter 4: Put Down the Remote and GET UP To Change the Channel Chubbins

Chapter 5: Take Yer Dirty Clothes Off of the Treadmill

Chapter 6: Have Some Pride, Step On Your Own Scale and Stand In Front Of Your Own Mirror!

Chapter 7:  How’s That Weigh Loss Resolution Going???

And, of course, the Closing Remarks would be one simple sentence, JUST PUSH AWAY FROM THE TABLE, YA JAGOFF!!!!!

OK.. remember to order those cookies!!!!!

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