Recorded at Adda Coffee and Tea House we talk to Steelers tight-end, Jesse James about Kennywood and stuff. Natalie Bencivenga gives some Holiday family and work-party advice. Brian Butko has a great stocking-stuffer idea for every Kennywood fan and Rachael Rennebeck from “Dinner for 8” talks about a new kind of dating and social networking. All that while we do high tea thanks go our gracious hosts, Drew and Lindsey.

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The YaJagoff Podcast

Adda Coffee and Tee House on the YaJagoff Podcast Natalie Bencivenga on the YaJagoff Podcast Brian Butko, Kennywood Park, on the YaJagoff Podcast Dinner for 8 PGH on the YaJagoff Podcast

Steelers Jesse James on the YaJagoff Podcast

YaJagoff! Podcast – SHOW NOTES:

Music: Meeting of Important People, “Fifty Bucks

01:12 We are at high tea! Drew von Arx, General Manager for Adda Coffee and Tea House in Shadyside. What is “adda?”

10:38 Natalie Bencivenga, PG Advice and Seen Columnist: Are you still talking about the election and getting nervous about the Holidays? Planning on getting sloshed at the company Holiday party?

25:09 Brian Butko, from the Heinz History Center, has a great stocking stuffer… a great pictorial book on Kennywood Park’s History, “Behind the Screams!”

35:49 Rachael Rennebeck from… tense about dating, hanging out in bars, doing social networking?

50:50 Pittsburgh Steelers tight-end, Jesse James. Forget about talking football! We ask the hard questions like, “Ever do the matching outfits at Kennywood?”

Thanks to Tim Holeczy and the gang at Frozen Pond and 1st and Goal Sports Collectibles

56:39 Thanks again to Lindsey and Drew of Adda Coffee and Tea House. Inquiries about events, including space rentals for office parties, bridal showers, baby showers, “dinners for 8,” etc., can be sent to

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