On December 30, the blog will be 6 years old.  Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have you reading my blog… daily, weekly, whenever you’re bored sitting on the toilet or at a bus stop?  Who knows?  Either way, I’m thankful that you follow the blog, videos and podcasts.

Sooooo…..where are we AT (Pittsburghese for “Where are we?”)

Where are we going?

  • We will be getting a new website design as of the first of 2017
  • We are doubling down on the YaJagoff Podcast because we love doing it.
  • We’re looking into having local comedians and humorists write more funny stuff!
  • We have some exciting appearances coming up in 2017!

Either way, I am thankful to have you following and MORE thankful to all of those behind the scenes who have helped me.  Now………I would like to know more about YOU!  Please go take this SHORT.. yes SHORT survey about YaJagoff.com. There will be a prize raffle from the participants.

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