leslieGet ready for the wildest conversation on our podcast yet. Leslie Gray, The Steel City Medium, is with us talking about her skills in relating to the dead, helping out with crime investigations and how she honed her craft! If there was a goose bump emoji, we’d insert it here! We were at Monte Cello’s Italian Restaurant on Babcock Boulevard in Ross Township. Why there? Because it’s haunted! Lisa Shalcosky, the Manager, tells us about “Robert” the in-house ghost plus the wings, chicken, pasta, pizza and wraps that we had!

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YaJagoff! Podcast – SHOW NOTES: Episode 41, Leslie Gray, The Steel City Medium

Music: Mace Ballard,1701

001:04 Comedian John Knight (and Presidential Candidate for the Jagoffs Party because #HesNotTheOtherTwo) is the substitute co-host. He loves ghosts! So he went with Ghosts N’at to tour the Carrie Furnace site. He wrote a blog post about it.

03:49 First up is Lisa Schalcosky, Manager of the Monte Cello’s. Who is “Robert?” Oh, just ghost of a guy that died there years ago and now gets Lisa paper towels in the restroom! Yep!

09:18 Tasha from The Food Tasters jumps in about the food AND she gets the first reading from Leslie Gray. What’s Leslie’s suggestion for Tasha’s future career? Plus, an exclusive Food Tasters Tip about one of the off-menu items.

17:48 Leslie Gray, The Steel City Medium… We can’t possibly write all of the stuff we talked about but seeing heaven and seeing dead people is a good start, huh?

41:12 Questions from the audience about aliens, the Big Bang Theory, seeing people in dreams and heaven and…

55:07 Big thanks to all of the people who came out, Leslie Gray, Lisa and the super kind staff at Monte Cello’s on Babcock Boulevard.

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