You’ve seen people in public places… airports, food courts, funeral home waiting rooms… looking desperately for an electrical outlet for their phone…almost like they are trying to plug in their artificial heart machine or is if a basket of kittens might die if power is found asap.

Well, this guy is like the Beverly Hillbillies of airport power outlets! He has 2.  He owns you!

Is he a greedy, discourteous, plug hog OR is he smart for getting their earlier than you and next time you’ll learn your lesson?  Or, when he was younger, did he live on a street that had no outlets and, therefore, as an adult over compensates by coveting all available outlets?  (for reference, all neighborhood streets that have no electrical outlets are noted with signs that stipulate, “No Outlets.“)

You tell me… is this person a Jagoff or not?

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  1. Depends on what that black cord is plugged into. If it’s going to a laptop that could otherwise serve as a power source for the iPhone, then yes, jagoff. If it goes to something else – something life-saving in nature like a pacemaker or a toaster – then…yes, still a jagoff.

  2. This is the same type of Jagoff that parks in 2 spaces and also feels the need to park his cart perpendicular in Aisle 9 while deciding if he wants the SpaghettiO’s with or without meatballs rather than parallel to the aisle so that others may pass freely.

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