episode36_mattThis is the LAST of the Summer Porch Tour Podcasts, presented by The Port Authority! We went deeeeep into the South Park area for a brand new deck with WTAE’s Jackie Cain, Jethro and Kristy Nolen from the Arcade Comedy Theater and John Knight was there to announce a special contest! We brought Ricci’s Sausage, Jenny Lee Cinnamon Swirls and the Slapshot Hockey Shootout game from E.L.F Entertainment.

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YaJagoff! Podcast – SHOW NOTES: Episode 36 – Port Authority Porch Tour Number 4

Episode Music: Nameless in August, “Freight Train

  • 00:54 We are on Citation Drive in South Park where our host, Matt, built a brand new deck just for us! He promises to put a YaJagoff logo in the center of the floor just like the Pens locker room.
  • 04:10 Matt is our guy… he’s a hockey dad of 3 young boys and actually admitted to listening to the podcast each week! Matt got the following prizes:
  • 08:00 Jethro and Kristy Nolen from the Arcade Comedy Theater. They do a bunch of improv and sketch comedy there, specifically, they are the hosts of the awesome “Dinner With the Nolens” show. They take a few improv suggestions from the crowd on Matt’s deck.
  • 19:56 Jackie Cain, WTAE-TV, is in as a guest.. her 3rd time! Is she a South Hills girl or a Mon Valley girl? And, big questions like, which local news personality would she choose to arm wrestle and who takes the longest to do their hair and primp before a newscast?
  • 32:25 John Knight, who writes the “What Aggravates We” blog post every Saturday and ALSO the Presidential Candidate for the Jagoff Party, is announcing a contest! You can win a chance to be his VP running mate and win some prizes! Click HERE for details.
  • 45:10 We meet Craig’s mom and she delivers the best ending EVER of any of our podcasts so far!

Thanks to the Pittsburgh Port Authority for sponsoring The YaJagoff! Podcast Summer Porch Tour

Thanks again to our presenting sponsor, the Port Authority of Allegheny County!

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