At first, when I saw this in my hotel near the elevator, I was thinking… “Whatta Jagoff!”  But then I thought, at least they put the box at the garbage collection point.  So, while it’s blocking someone’s access to properly dispose of their gum, coffee cup, is the box in the right place?  Am I being too picky?  Should I really have to move that box so that I can throw away the remainder of my free lobby-cookie in there because I feel guilty about grabbing it, and the second one, on my way back from the hotel gym room?

Author’s Note: I don’t throw away those free lobby-cookies! I eat BOTH… especially if I went to the gym!

Whaddaya think?  Is the person who put the box on top of the garbage can hole, and KNEW that it was blocking everything else a Jagoff or Not?  But wait…. before you comment…. consider what typically happens in this situation: all of the other people passing by that garbage can typically throw their half-filled cups and other garbage on top of that box vs. moving the box and the entire pile becomes a huge mess.

OK…. now go comment.

Special thanks to TheFoodTasters.com for creating the idea of Jagoff Or Not.

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  1. I vote Jagoff! They could have set the box next to the can but chose to set it on top so that when I come out of my room juggling suitcases,bags, shoes, toiletries, and a giant cup of coffee that I made by combining all of the coffees in my room and making a huge cup, how am I supposed to throw away my grocery bag of empty beer bottles?! I only have two hands,Ya Jagoff!

  2. Jagoff and a half. The person who left it obviously has no initiative to take out their own trash, leaving it to someone, who they think is beneath them, to do their dirty work. They should have either taken the box to the dumpster, or broken it down so it could fit in the can. This jagoff thinks they are entitled, but all they are entitled to is an ass kicking.

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