I get these kind of #PeterParkers pics a lot.  There’s always the question, is this a Jagoff because they took 4 spaces because they think that their car is better than all others OR is this a person who is trying to protect from Jagoffs who swing their car doors open wildly or leave their shopping carts in the lot thusly puttng “dings” in the “my car is nicer than yours” car doors.

Yes, I know some of you will respond that this car deserves a good boot-heel to the door or a nice long key mark but, we’re not about into ruining other people’s stuff.  But we are into public shaming.

So, whaddaya say (comment below) is this a Jagoff or not?



  1. I get that this jag wants to protect their car (you can tell that that’s what it is because they parked straight, not crooked like you garden-variety retard jagoff) but what burns me is that they do this as close to the store/building as possible. If they want to park like this, please, please, PLEASE park near the back, away from everyone else!

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