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Episode 11 line-up: The #KetchupPizza Episode

Episode Music: Meeting of Important PeopleGotta Clean Head

00:53 How low have you gone when having a pizza craving? Sean from wrote about, in his younger days, using ketchup to make homemade pizza bagels.

  • We have Jack who is 11 years old (because it’s our 11th episode)

04:25 We play “Tasha or Tori.” This episode, we have Tori Mistick of talking about:

The Omni William Penn’s 100th Bday Celebration

  • There is a fashion show on Thursday March 10th showcasing fashion through the decades
  • Tori will be modeling in it along with fellow Pittsburgh women in media.
  • The featured boutiques are Carabella of Oakmont, Number 14 Boutique in Lawrenceville and Chico’s.
  • This is a big year for birthday celebrations, it’s also the City’s bicentennial! So, get your party hats and dancing shoes ready!

11:51 Patrick Hogan of the 412Project which features local Instagram photographers in open spaces!

  • Where can you see all of the pics?
  • How can you stay updated on InstaMeets?
  • Has Patrick ever made a #KetchupPizza?

20:40 Pittsburgh’s own (but internationally famous) Podcaster Professor BuzzKill, “History Myth Buster” Podcast

  • What makes him such and expert?
  • Who are the biggest Jagoffs in history?
  • Who, in history, was known as a Jagoff but wasn’t in real life?
  • Pittsburgh history myths? Is the bomber in the Mon for real?
  • Has Professor BuzzKill ever made a #KetchupPizza

34:48 John and Craig wrap-up.

  • Thanks to Sean of the SeansRamblings blog for today’s inspiration. Make sure you follow his blog.
  • We hear from Jack, our 11 year old guest listener!

Have you had pastries from Pennie’s Bake Shop & Espresso Bar? Whoaaaa!!!

  • Once again, we talk with our mouths full of scones, cookies, pecan rolls and…….
  • Thanks to The FoodTasters for the food (as always)

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