Tonight, the Pens take on Jaromir Jagr again.

The same Jagr that we all loved when he was here.

The same Jagr that, when he was supposed to come back to the Pens, even made a personal comment to Mario that he wanted to be in Pittsburgh, and then turned his back on Pittsburgh faster than a USAirways executive.

The same Jagr that seems to, now, be gaining tons of respect from the league and other players for his accomplishments (in bed) and on the ice as  40+ year old player.

So YOU tell me… is Jagr a Jagoff or Not? All comments below made before 6am tomorrow (Tuesday) are eligible for a food gift card.

Special thanks to TheFoodTasters.com for creating the idea of Jagoff Or Not.

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  1. I’m going with JJ is not a Jag Off!! I think he had Jagish Tendencies in the past, but maturity has taken over. He is in the glory years of his career and is ready to make his big gamble into the sunset soon. Easily the second best player in Penguins Franchise History, but he did have a jaded past. I think he realizes his past performances and actions were not his best days. I’d even go as far to say 68 should be up next to 66 and 21 at Consol!! Hockey Fan without my Black and Gold tinted glasses!