Other than it’s the ……LAW……why should you clean the snow off of your car windows?

Not only did a bunch of people drive HORRIBLY in last week’s snow but, CLEARLY some forgot about the Pennsylvania Pull-your-sweater-sleeve-up-over-your-hand-And-use-your-arm-to-clean-your-windows-off-while-the-car-heater-is-running-on-high law.

If that was bear foam, I’d be laying under your car catching the drippings.  But it ain’t…..so clean the snow off your @#$@ car windows, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to A.L. of @Transit Traffic N At  for being today’s #Jagoffs Catcher!



  1. It’s not just the windows. It’s the ENTIRE car, including the roof. As a person who has gotten hit with the huge sheet of ice flying off a car, do your fellow humans a favor, and CLEAN OFF THE DAMN CAR! They make long handled snow brushes just for that activity.

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