Hey….for those of you who don’t follow on the social media channels, here ya go.  We are starting a YaJagoff Podcast.. a podcast about whatever is going on in Pittsburgh.

Don’t know what a podcast is?  It’s like a radio show…audio only…but it’s on the internet.  If ya have one of those flip phones, well, you’re gonna have to listen on your computer (possibly your Commodore 64 or MacIntosh Performa).  If you have a smart phone, you’ll be able to listen to it on there while you walk, work out, eat cookies or, like me, work out while you’re eating cookies.

You’ll eventually be able to find each episode on the Pittsburgh Podcast Network



  • We want the podcast to be weekly… about 30-40 minutes each week
  • It will feature:
    • food highlights from The Foodtasters Pittsburgh
    • Local comedians
    • Local notable people
    • Local events
  • Chocolate… lots of chocolate… of course, you won’t SEE the chocolate since it’s a podcast but, know that it will be there

Our first two episodes were recorded at Light Up Night, 2015 at Fifth Avenue Place.

Actually, that is a complete lie.  We recorded our first episode at the Bottle Shop in Collier Township but…..well… that will get released some day AFTER we have listeners.  It’s kinda like those times when it’s really fun to go back and look at your yearbook photos (with all of your zits and bad hair) but you only do that AFTER 20 years of getting your life together.

Sooooo.. if you’re on our email list, you will get the podcast via email or, once it’s ready, we will tell you how to download it from iTunes and whatever else you use… all except AM radio channels.

Thanks to the following folks for their help in getting the first episodes together:

You know how all of those important people got together and produced that song “We Are the World” in one night?  Well, this was nothing like that but….here are some pics from our recording at Light Up Night 2015 at Fifth Avenue Place.  Dave DiCello and his studio partner Jay were nice enough to let us sit outside of their store, Steel Studios.  We basically sat their and tripped people so that they would come and talk to us.



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