The sad news is, there has not been a holiday to celebrate since the Labor Day cookouts. And we don’t have another one until Thanksgiving.  The good news:  Dave Dicello, me and the boys from The Beer Hive (Strip District) are creating a fake holiday to give everyone a break.

The Dave and John Completely Made Up Holiday” Holiday Celebration.

Even better, you can stay and watch the Pittsburgh’s Comedy’s open stage starting at 8:30.

The Beer Hive will be selling food, drinks and jars of their Pittsburgh Pickles.  Dave will have photographs and I will have books and t-shirts! There might even be some drink specials like, a “Dave DiCello Sunrise” and the “Jagoff-meister.”

Email me YaJagoff (at) Verison (dot) net and let me know if you’re gonna stop by.

Let’s have some fun, Ya Jagoffs!