You may be oblivious to the NHL right now given your level of sadness and despair about another Penguins early departure from the playoffs. You may also despise the New York Rangers for beating the Penguins in the first round. But, you may want to become a Rangers fan.. and a loud boisterous one.. ASAP.

Don’t look now but the Washington Capitals are currently up 3-1 in their serious against the Rangers. This means, the one thing that we have been able to make fun of Alexander Ovechkin about, he’s never made it to the late rounds of the NHL playoffs, may be the next thing that makes us hockey-sad.

Ovy, we don’t like you.  We never will.  Even if you sang “Oh Danny Boy” at the grave of Art Rooney, Sr. while clenching a Terrible Towel and proclaimed that Bob Johnson was your master, we wouldn’t like you.

C’mon Rangers….Pens fans have very little happy-hockey things left to hold on to.  Don’t let us have double regrets about losing the first round, YaJagoffs!

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