It would appear that we have butter-dish issues.  See my previous post here about the butter looking like it needed a shave more than me in the morning.  Once again, I have deployed the Jagoff-estrator highlighting the situation (sitch as some people call it these days).

So the evidence would show that someone utilized the “soft” butter for their toast, pancakes, waffles, pasta… whatever… and then left this cubic-centimeter of butter for the next person… ME.  And it never once occurred to the previous butter-er that someone else might want some “soft” butter today.  And, if someone else DID one some butter, they could spend 20-25 minutes using the tip of the knife to scrape all of the little lines of butter off of the dish to try and make a 2nd cubic-centimeter of butter.

And was there really no more room on their toast, pancakes, waffles, pasta … whatever… for this little bit more of butter causing them to either refill it or wash it? I mean, you’re using butter.  There’s a heart catheterization in your future at some point no matter what.  This little trace isn’t going to speed up or slow down that process.

Someone paleeeeeeze take 10.499331178 seconds out of your morning to refill the butter dish. Just like you, I ALSO prefer soft butter because scraping clumps of cold butter across pieces of toast pretty much leaves me a counter top full of large chunks of toast with clumps of butter on them and fingers full of butter and…..HUNGRY!!!

One final warning for the butter-eaters in my house, the Liam Neeson calls are about to start, Ya Jagoffs!



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