Monday, July 6, 2020
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Lazy Friday Post

OK..I’m not gonna lie.  I just got home from playing hockey, it’s 2am and I have zero energy to be sitting here typing a blog.

So here ya go…3 things.

We need two people to be our YaJagoff Cornhole team.  We will pay the entry fee and give you tshirts to wear.  Click the flyer below to register and tell us why you want to be on our team.Cornhole_2015

Second, the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation is doing a fundraiser at Luke Wholey’s Wilde Alaskan Grille on May 12th.  Its a crab feast with Discovery Channel’s (and Irwin native) “Deadliest Catch” Captain Wild Bill.  You will be in butter up to your elbows and loving every second of it.  Click on the graphic to order your tickets.


Third, the cool folks at Farm to Table that have a big deal conference coming up the last weekend in March, gave us some tickets to their Friday night cocktail hour to give away.  The conference theme this year is #CookAtHome.  In yesterday’s blog, we asked people to submit their favorite meal that one of their older relatives cooked at home.

Stephanie Paluda · Pittsburgh

My Gram’s cabbage and noodles! She picks the cabbages from her garden and makes the homemade noodles from scratch. Oh, and the butter and onions! So much butter and onions! Yum! And she brings it for every picnic, outdoor wedding, etc. when the cabbage is in season. Can’t beat it. Lenten cabbage and noodles have nothing on my Gram’s.

I put all of the entries into my STANKY old 1992 Penguins Stanley Cup Champs ball cap and this one was the winner:

So, please email us at YaJagoff (at) Verizon (dot) net with y0ur info so that we can get the tickets to you. Use Subject Line: Farm To Table

Here is another story that came via email from our bud Larry and his son Alex.  It’s worth posting ESPECIALLY cuz they talk about coming home from hockey.. which.. I just did!

I remember seeing them on the platter, looking rather usual with the sauce just gently covering them…but my first bite took me to a food nirvana unlike any other. The cheese, the three meats, the pureed parsley…….I enjoyed them at least once a month for the next 19 years.

She passed away six months ago, needless to say we were devastated. Especially my wife, being the youngest of six and her primary care taker. In the course of cleaning out her house where so much of that foodie love was created, we found the recipe!!!!!!!

Two weeks ago my son and I arrived home after a grueling hockey practice……..BAM……there was that absolute exact smell heavenly smell…Nonna’s meatballs!! We found my wife/his Mom in the living room with tears of joy streaming down her face….not only did she find the recipe but she nailed it on her first attempt so that our family can cherish her Mom’s meatballs for years and years to come.

OK… back at it on Monday.  Thanks all for following the blog.  Please tell at least one friend about us!

Click the graphic below if you want to hurry up and get hour tickets for the Farm To Table event!

We will see ya there eating as much free food as possible!


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