We have tickets to give away to the upcoming Farm To Table event at the Pittsburgh convention center.

Here’s the deal, the organizers said that their theme was #CookAtHome and asked me to write a blog post based on that hashtag.

The bad news is, I mis-read the #CookAtHome tag.  I took it to say “cook” at home.. meaning, write about one of my nutcase family members at home.. vs “cook” like make food as in put the highly-processed-with-butter-and-salt Brussels Sprouts in the microwave for 8 minutes at 4, 2-minute intervals on high while rotating the package.

Thankfully I realized this before I posted a selfie with my crazy 87-year-old uncle cleaning his fish tank in scuba gear, smoking a cigar while on oxygen with those nose-thingies in.  But you DO get to see a pictured of the highly-processed-with-butter-and-salt Brussels Sprouts that exploded in the microwave and made a mess because I forgot to poke the package with a fork.  Selfies of microwaves that look like a butter crime scene that need splatter-gram interpretations aren’t cool, or DOPE, either but here’s some documentation.


Either way, you get a chance to win 2 tickets to the Farm To Table Friday Night Local Food Tasting!

Here’s how to win the pair of tickets:

1) Before, 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) tonight, comment below on your favorite meal that your grandparent, aunt, uncle, parent cooked at home.  And tell us why that was your favorite.

2) Go to the Farm to Table site and check out:

The Speakers for the 2015 Farm To Table Conference

Buy a bunch of tickets to the Friday/Saturday Farm To Table Conference/Events

3) Sit, there, tap your fingers, search our website, purchase a shirt, watch some videos, eat, go to bed and then get up tomorrow morning and check tomorrow’s blog post to see if you have won.

OK.. get at it.. tell us your favorite meal cooked at home by your grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle, whatever.  And, if none of them knew how to cook…. well….make something up other than Islay’s BBQ chipped ham.



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