Well, the Brownies are providing good entertainment even in the off-season but none better than the fact that they changed their logo.  Well, kind of….they changed the helmet in their logo to a different color of orange.  Oh wait.. and they changed the face guard on the mask from white to….yep..you got it… BROWN.

Ya, know, given the opportunity to visit, Cleveland isn’t all that bad of a place.  The Browns, on the other hand, continue to be drama and a single point of embarrassment for the place… kind of at the level of a sharting-when-you-wore-the-khaki-pants-to-work-and-didn’t-have-undies-clean-so-you-chose-to-go-commando-and-now-you-can’t-get-up-from-your-cubicle-to-tie-your-jacket-around-your-waste-like-a-9th-grader embarrassing.

I actually think if they could have widened the black and white strips down the middle of the helmet they would have been much more catchy..or DOPE as some might say today.

Hey Brownies.. good luck with the new logo.  I have to tell ya, the knuckleheads that got paid big money for this have to be laughing as hard as your Quarterback Selection Committee just for the simple fact that the team is called The Browns and they chose to tweak the orange in their logo.  Hell, for $500 in CavsCash, I would have come up 10-20 different shades of brown from my buddy George’s underwear (which have more skidmarks than a runway at LaGuardia airport), Ya Jagoffs!


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