This is why this blog is such a necessary aspect of Pittsburgh life.  One, we can all see that this lady was only thinking of herself when she pulled in (No, there was not another car at the pump in front of her when she originally pulled in.)  Therefore we can all use this as a LEARNING MOMENT on how to NOT be a jag, um, well.. you know.

Two, we can also learn from this and “FEAR” that, if you’re not nice, you might end up being posted on this blog some day revealing your  inconsideration toward others!  “FEAR THE POST!”

And three, when you are frustrated with someone or something, don’t get mad OR get even.  WE are your outlet to vent!

So, back to the lady at the gas pump.  Wondering if, after she filled her tank, then left her car at the pump while she ran inside to get a Turner’s Iced Tea or, EVEN WORSE, stand in line to play 47 combinations on the daily lottery because she had a dream about a sailboat and corn on the cob.

Hey Mrs. Suburbanite-Surburban-Driver, those extra pumps aren’t like your decorative gnomes in your back yard.  The reason that there are sooooooo many gas pumps at the GetGo is so that OTHER people can get some gas the same time that you do!!!!  Crazy how that works, huh?

You may THINK you have to swing your Suburban out wide to the right to make a left hand turn, like a big-rig, but its REALLY not that big. Let’s make some room for others or get yourself a Mini-cooper, Ya Jagoff!



  1. Heh. This annoys me to no end! Ha ha. I try to always pull forward to a space after pumping, it’s just common decency.

    There’s an incident that’s burned into my mind from a few years ago at the Get·Go on Rte. 51 in what I think is Brentwood. It was a weekend afternoon, we were late, on our way South out of the city, and needed to stop for gas. Of course, I’m suckered into the points/perks scheme, so I chose Get·Go. Well, so did everyone else. All spots were full. No problem. I pulled behind a pickup truck. Of course, being a pickup truck… cranky old dude took forever to fill up. Then, he proceeds to open the bed liner, and pull forth a plethora of gas containers to fill. In the bed. Just like it says not to DIRECTLY ON THE PUMP. Guy is now looking at us the whole time. Develops a shit-eating grin knowing we’re anxious. It was so packed, that there was a vehicle waiting behind me, and I couldn’t just choose another pump. T think we filled 5 containers. Then, the MF’er hangs up a pump and goes inside, leering and laughing at us. If ever I was going to be a dumb Yinzer on the news for beating up another dumb Yinzer, it was going to be then. I almost got out to confront him, but we had somewhere to be.

    My point, is why would someone go so far out of their way to be a jagoff?

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