I have to admit, when it comes to car maintenance, I’m a Jagoff… maybe even approaching the moron level.  Basically, when it comes to car maintenance, I am lucky that I know the difference between where the air in the tire goes and the gas for the engine.  But,  under the auspices of trying to save money and learn something new, I have been trying to learn how to do more things on my car.  For example, I have been practicing changing the oil in my car.

And I’m getting really decent at it too. I have it now down to where it only takes me about 4 hours to change the oil on my car.

The problem is, the cars need to be better designed… I mean.. it takes so long to drain the old oil out!

You have that dipstick thingy, right?  You pull that out, look at it and wipe it off.  You put it back in, you pull it back out and you wipe it off.  You put it back in, pull it out again and you wipe it off…. again and again and again.  It takes damn near FOREVER to get rid of the old oil!

I’m wasting a ton of time on this, Ya Jagoffs!


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