Yeah.. I get it.  Some patient’s aren’t in the hospital for things associated with smoking.  And yes, I get it, this patient may have a very stressful condition and, a cigarette, might be that one thing that helps them relax.

On the other hand, this picture shows the dedication a smoker might have… sub-zero weather, in shorts and a t-shirt and IV fluid running through a pump (and I doubt the IV has anti-freeze in it.)

Big guy… they put no salt in your food, no fatty butter on your baked potato or English muffin and the meat you eat is more than likely boiled beyond the taste of shoe leather.. it’s all in the name of HEALTHY HABITS!  This isn’t high school where their are groups of jocks and” heads” where the “heads” meet outside to smoke one and listen to The Stones before shop class!  This is a hospital and, besides, it’s below zero!  I sure hope you don’t have wet hair because, if my mother saw ya in shorts and with wet hair outside in that cold, I guarantee you’d hear a voice from the somewhere in the background yelling, “You’re gonna get pneumonia, Ya Jagoff!”

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