“…and when Iiiiirish eeeeeeeyes are smiiiiiiiiiling.

Sure they’ll steeeeeal your heart…. awaaaaaaaay!  

Yeah.. I understand that the photo above is a little…um… GROSS and DISGUSTING but, when these things happen, like a car crash or 90-year old cleavage, despite how bad it is, ya still have to look.. or take picture of it on your phone!

To this lady, the internet is teaching you a lesson through a newly approved Behavioral Change Methodology Phone App called, TPE (Total Public Embarrassment).

Suggestion: the next time you spend your hard earned money for your green shirt, socks, earrings, beads, parade-day-eve drinks, breakfast the day of the parade and get a second-mortgage that it takes to pay to park downtown on an event like the St. Paddy’s Day Parade, say “no” to that SECOND glass of beer, YA JAGOFF!

Note: To this point, there is no admission on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as to who gets the photo credit!