Yeah.. so it’s almost shorts weather in Pittsburgh.. I mean, like, it’s above 40 degrees!!!  This cold has been CA-razeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  But what CAN warm you up are pictures of our City in the bitter cold.

JP Diroll took the picture above and a bunch of others, in black and white, of the ice and cold. So go bake some muffins or buy some Cinnabon rolls… cuz his pictures will make ya feel all warm inside… kinda like ya pee’d yourself!

JP… thanks for the pics and your faith in Ya Jagoff to share!!!

Everyone go follow JP on Twitter, @JPDPhotos and on his new photo blog… you can see the rest of the icy pics here!

JP.. keep those photos coming, hope that your lips and fingers aren’t chapped yet, Ya Jagoff!!!! (Said in the, Yeah-we-cool kinda way)


Watch our Yakkin’ interview with JP below.

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