Another golden nugget from the very wise John Tesh!

“Did you know employees with good personalities are more likely to be paid more than those with bad ones?”

Well thank you Johnny!! You’ve cracked the code that has stumped the employed and HR executives for centuries!

So sitting at my cubicle with the telephone cord wrapped around my neck while yelling about “burning this place to the ground” is putting me at a disadvantage for making more money?

And telling my boss to “do us all a favor and go back to the hell that you came from” every time he asks for expense reports could be what’s keeping that raise from me?

Clearly you know what you’re talking about…is there a reason why they don’t refer to you as Honorary Doctorate Tesh for crissakes? That’s probably why I always hear your little muffins of brilliance around 2 or 3am….when all the fellow brainiacs are listening.

Hey Johnny boy, not sure what ya been smoking but I’m gonna have to turn you off and move to late night TV infomercials because, if I keep listening to your “intelligence for your life” BS, my life’s gonna be sooooo screwed up I’ll have to start making song dedications with Delilah, just to get my head screwed on straight, YaJagoff!