Sometimes the blog followers like to spout off… get something off of their chest. Today is one of those days about the people who decorate their vehicles for Christmas.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, ushers in two specific events.

The first is opening day for parents to blow every last dollar they’ve earned on gifts that will likely end up in the corner of a toy box or on Ebay.  The second is the signal for Gentiles everywhere to begin their displays of appreciation for the impending holiday season.

One day I saw the strangest thing…  I guess people started thinking it wasn’t Christmas unless their cars looked like a tree ornament. At first it was the Christmas wreath on the grill of the Dodge Caravan with the suburban mom in her tacky Christmas sweater behind the wheel. All too soon her decorations became just as tacky as her attire. Or how about the dreadful antlers on the roof and red nose on the grill?  You have to feel sorry for the poor deer who, thinking he finally landed a date for the evening, discovers he just mounted a Honda Civic!

Talk about a bunch of jagoffs…if you participate in this holiday ritual to your vehicles, guess what? You are a Christmas jagoff…

Do you agree or disagree?  Comment below.

Thanks to Kathleen Hopay from Nevada for the rant…we just saved her another month of high blood pressure medication.  Follow her on Twitter @Season4357.


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