Ok… love the Steelers but reality is setting in on the 2013-14 season.  At some point, it might be prudent for the malls to start adding staff on Sunday afternoons.  Not that we’re all turning our backs on the Steelers, but the reduced importance of the current season and the pain of watching Ben get sacked 5-6 times per game makes my OWN back and knees hurt!  I think I took 8 Alieve during the first half of the game and used 3 bottles of Absorbine Junior the second half.

Even more compounding, yesterday was the day I came back from Hawaii.. trading in 86 degree weather for the hometown chill.  While glad to be home and glad to see the welcoming sunshine….I’m pa-riiiiitt-teee sure that trading in Hawaii for fall weather on the SAME DAY that one realizes that the Steelers are gonna fall VERY short this year, ranks somewhere high on that Holmes and Rahe Stress Level Scale…(You know.. that one that gives you points for Death of a Spouse, Divorce, Job Termination, Buying a House...)

But… the Steelers are ours and we can’t quite call them Jags…

So, I have to deflect this stress somewhere…I’m now biting my tongue….and you’re gonna have to wait until TOMORROW’S BLOG to see who is catching the full brunt of my  Holmes and Rahe anger…(HINT: USAirways)

Be sure to check back here tomorrow.. Ya Jag… nope… not gonna do it.. gonna hold that thought so that I don’t soften up before tomorrow.


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