OK… the Steelers are 0-4.  Even more, they got to 0-4 at the hand of the 0-3 Minnesota Vikings on an international stage.

How can we possibly turn this into a positive?

Well, we know that VENTING helps, at least that’s what our favorite people Dr. Phil and Delilah After Dark say.  Secondly, using your venting to help someone ELSE might be good too.  My Grandma said that!

So before you get to the point that you start scheduling trips to the mall on Sunday afternoons when the Steelers are scheduled to have a game, here’s our proposal.

Vent.. go ahead.. let it out… vent all you want in the comments section below.  Don’t drop any F-Bombs.  If you vent, your name will be entered into a raffle to be eligible to win a $50 dollar donation to your favorite charity in your name. (One vent/entry per person)

All comments made before midnight (EST) will be eligible for the raffle.

OK…let’s have it, Ya Jagoffs!!!!


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