Seriously?  You come to a Steelers game and this is your souvenir?  Mocking, or photobombing, Mr. Rooney?

This pic and story cam from a website called Big Lead.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis attended Sunday night’s Bears – Steelers game in Pittsburgh. The Chicago Tribune got a picture of Kutcher taking a photo of Kunis with Steelers’ owner Dan Rooney. The only thing is, Rooney doesn’t appear to know he’s having his picture taken and it kind of looks like two kids having fun at the expense of an old man. Not a great look. The Bears beat the Steelers, 40-23. [Photo: Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune]

Many teams have dealt with the results of disrespecting the Terrible Towel.  But disrespecting Dan Rooney?  There’s gotta be a law against that.  Can’t King Rogeeee Go-ta-hell enact some kind of Actors Guild fine??  Maybe he’ll religate your careers to shooting late-night knife commercials.

Ashton and Mila, you may be A-listers when it comes to famous people, but you’re Z-listers when it comes to matching up to a classy guy like Dan Rooney.  He may be older, frail and hunched over but Mr. Rooney is AT LEAST two-and-a-half of a man more than you’ll ever be when it comes to class, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks to Boss Steeler Chick @SteelerChickSCM for the tip and credit to The Big Lead for the story.