If you think that picture of the dentures loaded with tobacco is disgusting (cuz looking at it kind of give ME a little puke in the back of my throat), imagine the North Strabane police offer that got HIT by them!!  Yep, HIT BY THEM.. when they were THROWN at him full of tobacco and gum!!!

The story summary:

  • There’s a wreck near William Moody’s house.  (Real name and well deserved!)
  • Bystanders top to render aid and park in William’s driveway.
  • Before all is clear, William wants to get out and take the Lil’ lady to dinner.  But he can’t get out because some Good Samaritan is parked in his driveway
  • Moody gets all “MOODY” (sorry for that)
  • An argument with the police starts.  He gets cuffed.  He fakes passing out from a “heart attack” then goes nuts again!
  • This time he throws his watch and dentures at the police and paramedics!
  • He posted bail and now he’s at home sulking with the…. wait for it…”MOODY BLUES!” (Sorry for that one too)

See the KDKA-TV Video HERE

First thing, Moody-Dudey, nice teeth!!  You might have a new gig for retirement… taking over for McGruff the Crime Dog…ya know.. the whole, “take a bite outta crime” thing?  But you’d have to PROMISE to keep your cool and keep your teeth in!!

Secondly, you were going to eat dinner with those NASTY DENTURES?????  They look like they’re growing their very own Penguins playoff beard!  Our suggestion, while you’re waiting for your hearing, ya might want to take a ShopVac and a jet sprayer to those dentures, Ya Jagoff!


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