So the Pens lost last night. We need someone to sacrifice and beat upon today sooooooo nobody better than the Senators’ Chris Neil!

Yeah, we get it!! You’re the Senators’ tough guy. Yeah, you’re supposed to act like a “meat head.

And, yeah, if for some strange reason Ray “the General of NHL General Managers” would ever trade for your sorry ARSE, Pittsburghers would PROBABLY let you in under Article 3, Subsection 7, paragraph 3.3.4 of the Kasparitis-Rissling-Tochett-Samuelson-People-We-Used-To-Hate rule!

But in the meantime, Chrissy, since we don’t wanna call out our own team for playing last night’s final power play as if it were a penalty kill and causing a very, very, very inappropriate late game-tying goal, you’re the target.

So given that, I think you should be beaten by my 8th grade nun, Sister Anecita, like she did to our buddy Dirty Kurty when she caught him running copies of a football pool on the office mimeograph machine. Why? Just because you’re Chris Neil,Ya Jagoff!!!

Note: OK, that rant and the sweet memory of that mimeograph machine made me feel MUCH better! How about you?

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