Photo Credit:Ashlie Hardway, Runner and WTAE Reporter


Soooooooooooo you know the word Jagoff… as part of Pittsburgh.. can be used in a few different ways.

1) You appreciate someone and you want to express that appreciation and you say, lovingly, “Ya Jagoff!”

2) When people scare the CRAP out of you and you turn and look at them, half chuckling, and say, “Ya Jagoff!”

3) And then there are the ones, like we post here every day, where you’re being snarky or venting about someone that has acted stupid and you say, “Ya Jagoff” with a scowl on your face.

Well, today’s Pittsburgh Marathon Jagoff post falls into the category of #1 above.

Yesterday, during the race, I received a tweet of the above picture from WTAE’s Ashlie Hardway who was running in the race and stopped to take the picture!!!!!  Nice….. she tweeted that we screwed her time up because she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to pause and take the photo. 

Can you say “RECOGNIZED!!!!  (By Ashlie Hardway!)

 NOTE: At press time, there was no word how far AHEAD of the Kenyans Ashlie actually was when she took the photo!

All that I can say is.. this sign-holder lady is the BEST.. BEST… BEST… Pittsburgh Marathon Supporter we have ever seen.  And I certainly know my “athletic supporters!”  

So to Ashlie and “this sign-holder lady” who is awesome……(using the word as defined in definition number 1 up top)…..we LOVE the strong support for the vernacular AND for Pittsburgh, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!


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