Ok….. I give up!

My local Girl Scout cookie “Dealer” is driving a new BMW.  Apparently the entire troupe was able to get themselves “troupe vehicles” and I’m pretty sure that I personally funded all of them!!!

And what is it about, eating the first one… telling yourself that you WILL have some self control… then you eat two more then wrap up the sleeve, kind of, and then within 28.6 seconds the sleeve is completely emptied.

Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookies, why in the world do you taste-so-great-Make-my-breath-feel-so-fresh-but-Make-my-teeth-so-black-And-make-me-addicted-to-you-so-much-that-I-actually-OFFER-to make-a-trip-to-the-grocery-store-WITH-A-COUPON-WALLET-for-feminine-products-just-in-case-there’s-a-slim-chance-that-a-group-of-Girl-Scouts-are-selling-cookies-at-a-table-out-front-cuz-I-just-ate-through-my-first-22-boxes-that-were-supposed-to-last-me-until-September, Ya Jagoffs!


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