A little break this week from Quotes On the Bus to bring you this message.

This event is tonight and we are hoping some of you have no plans and will now MAKE plans to attend!  It’s a great event.

This is coordinated by CBS-Traffic Reporter, Bonny Diver.

As you may know, from our video interview with Bonny (below), she is a Breast Cancer Survivor. She started Hair Peace Charities.  The organization raises money to help women buy wigs while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Hair Peace Charities can also help people with prayer quilts, meals, cards, flower planting and so much more.You will see a number of media people there 

Please consider attending!!

 Hair Peace Charity

You can watch our interview with Bonny.  She discusses her cancer and the charity about 2/3 of the way into it.

Please make sure you visit, and possibly donate to, Hair Peace Charities

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