Hey!!!  It’s been a while since we saw anything from Dashcam Guy!!!!  Here is some video footage of real Jagoff drivers around the area.  We’ve in spected it…..and didn’t see our own cars on it so we decided to post it!! LOL!!

Some highlights you won’t want to miss….

1:32 two guys creep through a red light

2:13 Left turn from the center lane

3:54 U-turn around EVERYONE from the curb lane

5:24 minivan cuts in on exit and then passes everyone on the shoulder

6:25 merging cellphone talker

DashCam Guy has 2012 Jagoff Drivers “Part Two” coming next week… right here!!!  Click HERE to subscribe to his YouTube Channel if ya wanna.

And to the dude going to the bathroom on the sidewalk at 6:57, go find a porta-jon, Ya Jagoff!!!!


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