Wow!!!!!  I’m sick. Suddenly last night so recycling this post today… we will get the next Yakkin With Yajagoff! up tomorrow as long as this FEVER and WordPress cooperates!!!!

I would appreciate it if someone would come over and disconnect my head from  my body so that I can’t tell that I feel like James Harrison’s “Roger Goodell Voodoo Doll!”  Where’s Dr. Kevorkian when ya need him?

In the meantime, I can’t get the medicine (to make me feel better) open!!!  These damn things are “Brett Keisel Proof”  on a GOOD day and TODAY I barely have enough energy to press the PREV/CHANNEL button on the remote to flick between Ellen and Price is Right!

Could ya please package medicine in something that opens a little easier – like those crappy styrofoam take-out containers from Wholey’s??  They ALWAYS open ESPECIALLY in the trunk of my car, YA JAGOFF!!

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