Well, the Twilight series is winding down with numerous Pittsburgh ladies going for a “Ladies’ Night Out”  to see “Breaking Dawn.”

Bunches of ’em at every showing… at the South Side Works – Cheesecake Factory for dinner, the Wine Loft for drinks and a movie at the South Side Works Cinema where they oooooogle, wiggle and giggle over a shirtless young stud like Taylor Lautner.

RESULT: The ladies had a crazy night out!

Now let’s SWITCH it.  

What if a bunch of older guys pay big bucks for a guys’ night out  at the South Side Works – Hofbräuhaus for dinner, the Claddagh’s for drinks and a movie at the South Side Works Cinema  where they squirm in their skid-marked under drawers over a young female, Taylor Swift as an exmaple.

Yeah, YOU get it!!!

RESULT: Those guys are SICK old men!

Ladies, enjoy the double standard but, just to let you in on a little secret from the GUY HANDBOOK….that whole thing of opening the car door for you and then walking around and letting ourselves in is NOT about you.  It’s really about giving US time to FART before we get in the car.  So take THAT double standard, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!

Author’s note:  The male situation above is OBVIOUSLY fabricated OTHER than the going-out-with-skid-marked-underwear part. Cuz MOST guys’ nights out involve the absolute cheapest alcohol possible. 

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  1. Being a 45 year old woman–I couldn’t agree with you more!! I find it just as disgusting for women my age to lust after 20 yr olds as most people find it disgusting for men to lust after 20 yr old girls–maybe more so because women, after all, are supposed to be the more mature of the sexes. Really ladies–grow up!! And it’s not like these guys are even good looking! Hell, I’d take Sam Elliot over ANY of these guys!

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