Today we’re trying a new feature!  

Our  web-series called “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” where we interview interesting Pittsburghers.

Our guest for this inaugural episode, the whistling beer vendor, TC.  

We talked to TC about:

How he got started

His family

The “Whistle”

How to whistle

And you see him in action at PNC Park

Look for more “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” videos every other Wednesday.

You can follow any of our videos by subscribing to our Ya Jagoff  YouTube Channel.

Hope you like the new future… leave some comments below (good OR bad).

Write us on who you would like to see interviewed.

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  1. This is a great idea! Vendors are the hardest working people at the game, running steps with heavy containers, they wear me out watching them! We are fortunate to have so many friendly, fun people working at our stadiums. Thank You, Whistling Beer Guy! ( I also love the Lemon Ice guy!

    • Mike.. we have Bonny Diver, Val Porter, Olga Watkins, a Pgh Photographer from Vegas, Scott Harbaugh and Scott Blasey (the Clarks) all ready to go.. with a bunch more lined up for interviews.. THANKS for the comments

  2. This is great! Yinz oughta do this with people all around town, Yinzer traditions and all that! This is 100x better than a Dave Crawley story on KDKA!! You should have each person you interview tell their own “YaJagoff” story. Everbody’s got one Jagoff Story n’at!

  3. Great interview with born and raised McKees Rocks native, Tommy Congden, aka TC, always a hustler that’s why he’s made it, games are not the same without seeing him at any venue, God Bless you TC, Kathy aka to you as Mike…

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