As mentioned last week, we are in Hawaii to be part of a social media conference in Honolulu.

So we have guest blogs all week.

Here’s Today’s Author Michael Buzzelli

If you live in Pittsburgh, you really can’t complain about the weather and get away with it. Everyone will call attention to your bitching. However, I want to cite the Pittsburgh Meteorologists as Jagoffs of the month.

Picture it; seventy degrees on a bright sunny day in early October. I took a jaunt through the Wingfield Pines, a designated wetlands in Upper St. Clair. I returned home, flipped on the TV, and the WPXI chief meteorologist Stephen Cropper said, “It’s a gorgeous day out there, but it’s gonna get cold. We’ll have all the details at six.”

I didn’t want to hear about the cold front coming, the near freezing temperatures. I was enjoying a beautiful day when I was abruptly told it may be my last one.

Dude, live in the moment!

To quote the hugely popular nerd-fest, Game of Thrones, we all know that “Winter is coming!”  I just don’t want to hear about it. Am I a lonely ostrich who wants to stick his head in the sand? If that sand is at the beach; well, then, yes.

Winter is coming and short of moving, there is nothing I can do about it. Sad face. The best I can do is hope for a brief one, a mild one. I want a winter with just enough snow so that I can go skiing and/or tubing in Seven Springs. Please God, no Snowageddon, where I’m not standing in my driveway, shovel in hand, with snow up to my nipples.

I think it’s pretty darn jag-offy to pee on my perfect day. Yeah, I’m talking directly to you, WPXI Severe Weather Team. Is there no WPXI Nice Day Weather Team!?!

Chief Meteorologist Stephen Cropper, this one is for you, Ya Jagoff!


A little bit about Michael Buzzelli:

Author and stand up comedian Mike Buzzelli has performed at a variety of venues around the country, including the Comedy Store, The Ice House and the Improv. He writes for a variety of newspapers and websites. His humor book, Below Average Genius, a compilation of his weekly humor columns from the Observer-Reporter in Washington County is available on

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