We know.  You didn’t need that title to make it all sink in.  And we won’t get into what this means on the schedule so….

All that WE know is that as the Steelers wins go, so the post-game work days go!  Which means it’s probably pretty miserable at work today.  So, if you are miserable just memorize the following quote OR post it near your work area OR on your forehead if you don’t have a work area:

No, I’m not makeing those photocopies.  No, I don’t have your STUPID report done! It was assinine anyway.  I have no interest in hearing how your kid did at last night’s soccer game.  I am cancelling all meetings EXCEPT for the one’s where I get to lash out at someone and take out my anger.  No, you cannot borrow my stapler, a paperclip or a pen. And by the way, make your own coffee, do you think I’m your mother?   Just let me alone until it’s time to get the hell outta here for the weekend. And, be prepared if you leave before I do, if you’re driving in front of me going home, you’d better remember that the gas pedal is the one on the right because, otherwise, I am pretty much going to run up over YOUR vehicle cuz I feel pretty James-Harrison-like aggressive.  And YES, I’m P@#$ off about the Steelers game last night , Ya Jagoff!


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