It’s a Peter Parker week-ending post from the Robinson Towne Center area.

Like usual, this Peter Parker seems to have a bit of an issue with what those white line thingies on the ground are supposed to mean.  In this driver’s case, it looks like they are mere suggestions.

Is it possible that this driver skidded into the parking lot in a “Starsky and Hutch” slide and turn maneuver because there was some type of 2-for-1 scrapbooking supplies emergency going on at Jo-Ann Fabrics?

Is it possible that Martha Stewart was in Jo-Ann Fabrics signing photos of herself with every purchase of a Fiskars 8” Softouch Titanium Multi-Purpose Scissors Kit?

The cool thing is, if you look close, there’s a bumper sticker.. which isn’t really on the bumper, it’s on the PAINT…that says, “I childproofed my home but they still get in.”

We’re thinking that maybe, just maybe, they forgot to childproof THE CAR and let the kid drive.. the same kid that can’t even color inside the lines on an Eat n Park kids menu.

Hey Peter-SCRAPBOOKING-Parker… not sure what you were/weren’t thinking when you pulled in next to the Jeep Liberty.  But we’re thinking that, your scrapbooking habits are affecting your driving and parking habits.  You’re probably used to setting all of your scrapbook pics on a page kind of cock-eyed so that they look CUTE and INTERESTING!   Unfortunatley, parking doesn’t work the same  way…crooked isn’t CUTE!

But here’s what we ARE betting on, if we would have put those scrapbook photo corner-thingies on the plaza parking spaces,

you’d be able to tuck the corners of your Grand-Am into the spot just perfectly!!!

Either way…. you’re now on OUR scrapbook of Peter Parkers, Ya Jagoff!!!

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