So here we are at a red light, waiting to turn left and this is what we see…..and we’re wondering if this person is listening to the LMFAO song, “Sexy And I Know It.”

“When I PARK in the spot, (yea) this is what I see (okay). Everybody stops and they starin’ at me.”

Of course they are staring at you….you’re driving like you think you’re in Australia mate!!!

Nobody actually gave this driver a horn but, guessing if we would have, he would have thrown us a one-finger salute as if WE were doing something wrong!!!

If this was Christmas time, the driver of the white car COULD use the excuse that they thought the light was decorated with Mistletoe and that they are going to sit there, in the oncoming lane, waiting for someone to give them a KISS!!!!  And there’s no evidence that this is a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates driving this car despite the fact that it’s going the “wrong way” headed into October.

Hey, Opposite-lane-Opie, are you trying to redefine the Pittsburgh Left???

Opie, we’re not saying that you’re an incapable driver but we DO think you’d make a great full-time, on scene reporter for our friends at Quotes On The Bus, YA JAGOFF??

Don’t for get to download the “You’re phone’s ringing ya jagoff!” ring tones.

Click the pic to sample/download them!

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